Tomoko Japanese Spa
Luxurious Spa in Herzliya Pituah

Tomoko is a prestigious Japanese spa that offers you an extraordinary therapeutic experience based on Japanese alternative medicine, combined with the world of East Asian therapies and body care, as well as modern western treatment methodologies.
The décor of Tomoko Spa is designed according to the tradition for spas in Japan, including relaxing background music, soothing lighting and other authentic design elements. The combination of ambience and the variety of types of treatments will make your stay at Tomoko Spa a refreshing, rejuvenating and unforgettable experience.
At Tomoko Spa, we customize the therapies personally for you and tailor a therapy plan that will help you to feel maximum relief, relaxation and contentment.
Our licensed staff of therapists undergo additional professional training in the secrets of Japanese medicine and therapy, whose objectives are to achieve harmony and balance between mind, spirit and body.
Tomoko Japanese Spa – luxurious spa in Herzliya Pituah.


Morning Bath Sale

60 minutes couple's massage + 30 minute dip in a japanese hot tub.

920 NIS
790 NIS

Sun - Thu 09:00-13:00

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Classic Morning Sale

60 minutes couple's massages.

610 NIS
490 NIS

Sun - Thu 09:00

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